S4E50 Interview with James Barrett, Co-Founder at Tenant Turner

Listen in to hear how James Barrett, CEO of Tenant Turner, is working to ease the pain many property managers feel in having to be in two places at once with smart automation solutions.

Have you ever heard someone say, “You can’t be in two places at once,”? Well, they’re right…kind of. See, for property managers, this is often a challenge. How do you show two units, that may be across town from each other AND enjoy your Saturday BBQ? Remote locks is part of the equation, along with a high-level of screening and security.

James Barrett is cofounder and CEO of Tenant Turner – a software company that finds, pre-qualifies, and schedules quality tenants so landlords and property managers can focus on more important things! James became an accidental landlord in 2009 and later acquired a second rental property in 2013. Though he’s always enjoyed interacting with tenants, he despised the inefficiencies of turning the properties. So he joined forces with his two best friends and fellow landlords to solve the problems they encountered managing their own residential rental properties. Now Tenant Turner is used by landlords and property managers nationwide and was recently named “Best Leasing Solution” by DoorGrowClub.

Learn more about Tenant Turner, and connect with James!

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