S6E59 Interview with Ryan Frazier, Co-Founder of Arrived Homes

There’s this constant pressure as a renter to buy, because of equity advantages and potential upside for when you sell. But with that comes committing to living in one house, with a 30yr mortgage, and the expense of fixing the water heater. Ryan Frazier, Co-Founder of Arrived Homes, has a different vision for today’s generation. Arrived Homes is building a new model where tenants can rent a home while still enjoying the upside of owning. This model uses a real estate fund. In short, renter’s get an opportunity to put up a small investment (first months rent and deposit) and then 7% of their monthly rent through Arrived Homes earns them a stake in a fund to buy investment properties. Those tenants then get to enjoy dividends, so long as they retain their shares in the fund even after they move out of an Arrived Homes property. It’s an interesting model, but I think Ryan does a better job explaining it. Listen in.

Real estate is one of the oldest and highest performing asset classes – known for producing long-term wealth over generations. However, more people are choosing to rent now than at any point in the last 50 years, either for affordability or freedom to move. While individuals can achieve greater flexibility through renting, they also miss out on the benefits of wealth creation that can come from owning real estate, and, therefore end up under invested in real estate compared to peers who purchase homes. Every year spent without holding real estate investments, real estate can become more expensive and further out of reach as property values rise.

We believe people should have the freedom to move around to pursue new opportunities in their life while still having access to the wealth creation long-term home ownership can provide.



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