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S2E19 Interview with Alan Donefeld, Founder at CityVest

In times when deals are growing increasingly difficult to find or put together, you might need to reconsider your strategy. Alan Donefeld shares with us how his company CityVest is opening up access to major institutional funds–that accredited investors wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in. Although this episode hones in on a problem that only accredited investors face, you will still want to listen in. After all, you could be an accredited investor some day.

Connect with Alan and learn more about CityVest

Email Alan at: [email protected]

Alan is the founder of CityVest is an online investment marketplace of institutional real estate private equity funds. Our investors receive access to these institutional funds with minimum investments of $25,000 to $100,000, while the underlying fund may have a minimum subscription of $1 million. Simply put, we provide the simplest and best real estate investment process for individual investors to gain access to the best real estate investment funds. The website provides investors the ability to browse real estate investments, conduct due diligence on the properties, and review investment documentation. The on-line closing process is simple and safe. By pooling investments of as little as $25,000 with other investors, individuals can now gain access to high return institutional private equity funds. CityVest targets providing investors with relatively safe real estate investments with targeted IRRs of 12% to 18% IRR.