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S3E38 Interview with Barret Newberry, CEO & Founder of Leasera

What if there was a way to ensure building owners could always get qualified tenants, who are likely to be loyal long-term tenants because they had the right incentives in place? What if we took the idea of loyalty rewards programs and started applying the same concepts we see with hotels, airlines, and credit cards to renting a place to live? This is just part of what Barret Newberry, founder of Leasera is looking to do. I think you’ll discover the passion Barret has for the rental industry and for creating a great experience for tenants is contagious. And he’s looking to do this all the while making the rental business more profitable for owners.

World’s only unified rental marketplace allowing consumers to live anywhere, in any type of property, for any length of time, all through Leasera. Tenants and property owners alike now enjoy incredible loyalty and benefits like never before.

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