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S7E72 Interview with Kenon Chen, EVP of Clear Capital

In this interview, we uncover when culture makes all the difference in building a sustainable tech company. Kenon Chen, EVP of Corporate Strategy at Clear Capital breaks down how they’ve been able to build a big, smart real estate and fintech company. They’ve been in operation for 18 years, having worked with 47 of the top 50 lenders, managing 750,000+ valuation transactions monthly, and have 2.6 billion property data records in their database. As we got to talking, Kenon reveals some of their unique strategy to recruit talent and they’re super customer-centric approach to growth. Clear Capital isn’t the brand name that consumers are likley used to hearing, but don’t get it twisted—they’re at the forefront—even working with iBuyers on their deals. Don’t sleep on this interview. Lots of golden nuggets all throughout!

Clear Capital, a real estate technology solutions platform, employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide detailed analytics-based, automated valuation models (both residential and commercial) and appraisal information to help lenders and mortgage originators make more informed decisions. Clear Capital was founded in 2001 and is the largest privately held valuation solutions company in the U.S.

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