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S7E77 Interview with David Sullivan, CEO of Till

“The home is the foundation for every family.” How can you disagree with that sentiment? David Sullivan, CEO of Till, joined me to talk about some of the many challenges that exist in the rental market today. We go beyond the obvious issue of affordability and availability of good housing options for millions of Americans. Part of the challenge is people are stretched so thin financially, which pushes them to fall behind on rent, incur steep late rent fees, and this plays into a tough cycle that makes it difficult for people to escape the pattern. Listen to hear exactly how David applies his experience from finance and working with REITs to helping renters avoid these costly fee and the pattern of being behind.

I like adventures. I’m currently building Till, whose mission is to develop personalized financial experiences for renters to transform the way they pay and stay in the home; GooD, a housing fund; and a family with my wife and three kids. Previously, I was the COO of The American Home, one of the first SFR funds which we sold to Silverbay.

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