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S7E78 Interview with Robert Salvador, CEO of DigiBuild

The time has come for Tech Nest to feature a leader in construction tech and blockchain. Robert Salvador, a veteran of the construction industry here in Chicago, is solving some huge pain points that exist in the construction world. His company, DigiBuild, is helping general contractors save time and money by helping automate tedious processes like scheduling, materials procurement, and paying contractors. Robert shares in great detail the major pain points that delay projects and cost developers and investors money. We also talk about the market potentials for a business like DigiBuild (hint, it’s pretty big). Don’t sleep on construction tech. The timing couldn’t be better to understand this segment of proptech.

DigiBuild is a construction management and business intelligence software utilizing blockchain technology to provide solutions to the construction industry. Their CEO, Robert Salvador, is an accomplished entrepreneur in the real estate and construction industry with experience as a contractor, technologist, and consultant.

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