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Marcus Moufarrige

No-Code Platform for CRE Operators with Marcus Moufarrige, CEO of ility

ility gives commercial property owners the power to provide tenants with an elevated office experience through self-service and workflow automation.

Marcus Moufarrige, CEO of ility, joins Tech Nest to discuss all things no-code, frameworks, and building tools for those who run complex real estate businesses. Marcus’ experience in the office flex-space gives him a unique advantage in understanding the needs for a flexible platform that is able to be molded to meet the unique needs of each operator’s needs. ility is that platform. Being that ility is a no-code platform, built in a way to meet a large array of use cases, it may be one of the most versatile middle-wares on the market.

More about ility and Marcus
ility is a no-code platform for operators to streamline their now complex business.

Connecting new and legacy digital systems, ility’s middleware gives companies like RXR, Legal & General and EQ complete control over their technology, operations and offer. ility also has a strategic partnership with Microsoft.

By using physical rights management, operators have a simple framework for digitising their property, to increase NOI, improve efficiency and decrease operating expenses.

Marcus is effectively leading property into the world of ‘composability’. He’s also the ex-COO of Australian property giant, ServCorp, alongside fighting with Justin Bieber (Google it!).